Yeyo Arts Collective

Yeyo Arts is Dedicated to the Creative empowerment of women and families.

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Address:2907 south Jefferson
Saint Louis , MO 63135
Phone Number:314-363-2159
Yeyo Arts Collective is inspired by the term and arts movement coined "social sculpturing" by Joseph Beuys. Social sculpturing is a vehicle to transform society. The artist creates a social sculpture by exhibiting visual works based on her personal narrative, using creative writing as a form of documentation and participating in think-tank style social projects.

In 2014 Yeyo Arts Collective focused it's mission and relocated to 2907 S. Jefferson Ave.. The new location offers more access to the public. It is on a major street and has a bus stop in front of the community gallery and office location. It is in close area to Cherokee Street and in the Benton Park West neighborhood.
Yeyo Arts Collective is located at 2907 South Jefferson. The family friendly location has occupancy of 49. It is equipped with open space and accommodations to maintain a peaceful and comfortable atmosphere.

Currently, YAC has supported the development of over 40 local artists through our group centered leadership process. YAC has completed over 300 successful collaborations in our first four years as an entity.