We Stories

We Stories uses the power of children's literature to create conversation, change and hope in St. Louis, and a stronger, more equitable and inclusive future for all. We serve parents, and their children, who are not yet having robust conversations about racism but would like to.

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Address: 5017 Washington Pl
St. Louis, MO 63108
Email: adelaide@westories.org
Phone Number: 917-747-9057
We believe that IF more families are provided with 1) resources to improve the way they engage their children in conversations about race, 2) connections to like-minded families, and 3) opportunities to add their voices to racial justice activism and policy change efforts, THEN the resulting community of families will become a force of positive change, BECAUSE many want to be part of solutions to make St. Louis more equitable but feel unprepared, isolated, or disconnected from action opportunities.

The demand for We Stories speaks for itself. In our first two years alone, we provided 640 families with diverse children's books, resources for parents, and access to a supportive community of parents that learn and lead together. Hundreds more have encountered We Stories selections and thematic kits at local libraries. And hundreds more still have signed up for our wait list.
"When we started We Stories, I immediately realized that my family really wasn't alone and that there are families all around St. Louis that also want to see change. Honestly, that has been the most life-giving part of We Stories; we feel fueled to continue having hard conversations and feel like we have a great strategy through our kids to do that."

"Because of We Stories I feel more strongly about my responsibility to stand up for racism and inequity in my community. I also feel like i am paying more attention to a variety of issues that might have previously escaped my notice."

"I have learned that I have more learning to do. I thought this program would help me talk to my child about race. I didn't think about how much was lacking from my own knowledge to have that conversation (and many others)."

"Because of We Stories I feel so much more comfortable talking about race on a daily basis, and more committed to leaning in to address racism in meaningful ways. I feel like the learning and work I am doing as part of the racial equity/anti-racism community in St. Louis (including We Stories) is changing me (for the better) more than anything I have done in my adult life. What a privilege to have never needed to show up before...now I am grateful for the opportunity to change that starting today. Every day I think about something new in a different way and become more deeply committed to learning and leaning in and becoming an accomplice in fighting racism and working toward equity. It is also reassuring to me to know that even when I feel frustrated or tired, that I can still make an important difference with my children in our home every day."