St. Charles City-County Library Foundation

St. Charles City-County Library Foundation Mission: To enrich and empower lives by providing literacy and opportunities to grow by continually working together to engage the community through charitable giving.

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Address: 77 Boone Hills Dr.
St. Peters, MO 63376
Phone Number: 636-441-2300 ext. 1582
The St. Charles City-County Library Foundation is committed to creating programs that take the services of our talented librarians outside of a traditional library experience and into the community. Through our funding, outreach and engagement the, Foundation will educate the county on services and programs offered by the district and bring people into our branches.

Books to You provides services to seniors and homebound individuals that are unable to visit one of our many locations. Through individual volunteer matching and delivery service, Books to You ensures all of St. Charles County is able to enjoy a true library experience in the comfort of their own home.

Ready to Read equips Pre-K children and their parents with the tools and best practices on reading fundamentals. Through the delivery of early literacy kits and advocating Every Child Ready to Read learning tactics, Ready to Read ensures that all children in St. Charles County are ready to read prior to starting kindergarten.

Take 20 and Read encourages everyone to read 20 minutes each day. Learn more about the importance of recreational reading in our lives.
Reading to a child is the easiest and best way to help a child succeed in school and later in life. Reading effectively as an adult has a direct impact on a person's opportunities in all aspects of life, ranging from education and job preparedness to self-esteem and quality of life. And it is something that everyone can be successful at if given the right tools. Because in today's world, everyone needs to know how to read!

The Library Foundation is creating a series of Storybook Walks throughout St. Charles County to offer a unique approach to reading. In collaboration with our community partners, the Storybook Walk provides a new outdoor adventure that champions family connection, early childhood development, and health and wellness. Stories are hand-picked by library staff with a child's enjoyment in mind. Pages are posted at several stations along a trail, allowing families and friends to enjoy a story as the walk the path and take in the scenery.
Reading can change a life...

Early literacy skills are critical to preparing our youngest kiddos to be ready to read when they start Kindergarten. But what about those kids who never had a strong reading foundation or have fallen off track? Can 20 minutes of reading a day really do anything to help? Our work with the Juvenile Justice Center (JJC) shows that it can!

Teens at the JJC took the pledge to read 20 minutes a day, through our Take 20 and Read Campaign for Literacy. A 15 year old told Mary that the last time a teacher gave her a book she threw it at them. Mary, a St. Charles School District teacher for the JCC, shared with her the reason why some people like to read; it allows them to escape the sometimes harsh realities of life, and take them to places they would otherwise never be able to go. It also exposes them to new words and language that makes them smarter.

The teen had never read a book of fiction for fun. She found an author and a series she loved and that is where her success began...
During the 6 weeks at the JJC she improved two grade levels in reading comprehension; just by reading for enjoyment every day!
When the teen left the JJC, Mary gave her a gift of the first two books she got hooked on as a reminder of the positive ways to escape. If she continues to read, the success she can achieve is immeasurable. That is the difference that Take 20 and Read can make in an individual's life.

Library Foundation volunteers bring interesting and age appropriate books to the Juvenile Justice Center each month and also provide programs to encourage all students to look at reading in a different and exciting way.