SSM Health Hospice and Home Health Foundation

"Through our exceptional health care services, we reveal the healing presence of God." The SSM Health Hospice and Home Health Foundation exists to provide financial, physical, emotional and spiritual help to the hospice and home health patients and families of SSM Health at Home.

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Address: 12312 Olive Blvd, Suite 400
Saint Louis, MO 63141
Phone Number: 314-682-1053
The SSM Health Hospice and Home Health Foundation exists to provide financial, physical, emotional and spiritual help to the hospice and home health patients and families of SSM Health at Home.

By supporting SSM Health Hospice and Home Health Foundation, you will help provide programs and services to hospice and home health patients and their families who are experiencing serious illness. Often, the people we care for are in financial crisis because the caregiver has stopped working to stay at home and take care of them. Many have limeted financial and family resources. Keeping utilities turned on and paying rent are just the beginning of the the ways we are able to assist our patients. In addition to financial assistance, we are able to provide physical, emotional and spiritual help. Some of our other programs include:

MAGIC (Mending a Heart, Grief in Children) Children's Bereavement: MAGIC is designed to help children grieve, so that they can move forward with their lives. Our professional staff helps children and their families develop strategies for coping, communicating and healing as a family after the dealth of a loved one. Bereavement coordinators apply hands-on activities with children to help them acknowledge the death, feel their feelings and preserve precious memories. These services also include camp MAGIC, a one-day grief retreat for any child within our communities who has experienced the death of a loved one.

Peaceful Harmony Music Therapy: Our certified music therapist utilizes live music to decrease anxiety and pain, promote relaxation, facilitate communication, and improve our patients' overall quality of life. Our music therapist will use everything from listening to performing to writing and recording music in an effort to meet the social, emotional, physical and/ or cognitive needs of the patient and family.

We Honor Veterans Program: SSM Health and the National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization, in collaboration with the Department of Veteran Affairs, is a proud member of the We Honor Veterans Program which empowers hospices and other healthcare providers across America to meet the unique needs of seriously ill veterans and their families. Through this program we; train our nurses to better understand the unique needs of veterans and their families, coordinate care with the VA and other health care organizations, and provide veteran-to-veteran volunteers. Other aspects include, utilizing a military history checklist at admissiona and recognition events like pinning ceremonies and certificate presentations.

Comfort Touch Massage Therapy: Comfort Touch is a special type of massage designed to bring benefits to our hospice patients throught techniques that promote deep relaxation and potential relief from pain and anxiety. It is safe, appropriate and effective for those for whom conventional massage may cause discomfort.

SSM My Legacy: Through our SSM My Legacy program, we ensure that our patients' memories endure for their loved ones before they pass away. SSM My Legacy gives our patients the opportunity to have a photo or video session that will preserve the stories, values, ideals, and experiences that have shaped their lives. Our goal is to bring comfort and historic value to their families for eyars to come. final photos can be as large as a family portrait or as simple as a close-up of a loved one's hands.

Memories that Last: The Memories that Last program is desinged to make a difference in the final days of our patients lives and makes special memories for their loved ones. Funds are used to make a patient's last wish come true. The SSM Health at Home - Hospice team coordinates with the patient to help fulfill a wish that may include something as simple as a final fishing trip, a family outing to the zoo or a special family reunion.

Peacful Moments: Through Our Peaceful Moments Program, we strive to provide a dignified death in an atmosphere of love. Trained volunteers provide a reassuring presence to patients in nursing homes with an estimated life expectancy of 24-48 hours who would otherwise die alone. This service is also available to patients in their own homes whose caregivers need additional support during the final hours of their loved one's life.

Vickie Horst Memorial Rehabilitation Therapies Fund: For more than a decade, the state of Missouri has not covered certain therapies for Medicaid patients, including physical, occupational and speech therapies. Understanding that these therapies were crucial to providing exceptional care to home care patients, the SSM Health Hospice and Home Foundation agreed to cover these bills for this vulnerable patient population.

Dr. Robert Kingsbury Patient and Family Emergency Assistance Fund: This fund acts as a safety net to provide what private insurance, Medicaid and /or Medicaid won't cover which may include: rent/mortgage payment, utility payments, groceries, and home adaptations. SSM Health at Home social workers or case managers work with the patient and family to determine qualifications for access to emergency fund assistance.
The parent of a 12-year-old wrote to express her gratitude after her son went to camp MAGIC following the death of his father:

"The camp was so heartfelt and you touched me and my son deeply. He had a wonderful time and told me how great it was to express his feelings about his father to a one-on-one person and tell that counselor things he couldn't tell me. He came home and filled his memory box with all his memories of his dad and actually has picked up his Bible to read every evening. I've been trying so long to get him to read God's words . . . I believe that God was with us that day . . . Our loved ones knew we were here to celebrate them and remember them . . . I thank you from the bottom of my heart."