Shelter Friends

Shelter Friends is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization established to promote the health and welfare of homeless animals in St. Charles, Missouri. We are not a rescue group; we are a shelter assistance and networking group whose purpose is to work directly with animals at the shelter and to help them find rescue or adoption.

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Address: 2835 West Randolph
St. Charles, MO 63301
Phone Number: 314-750-7979
Shelter Friends pays for all animals at St. Charles City Animal Control to be fully vetted, including services beyond standard vetting (emergency visits, surgery, etc.). We work directly with the animals (care, cleaning, socialization, etc.), transport the animals to and from the vet, and network them to rescues and potential adopters. As a result of our efforts (which began in 2013), the euthanization rate at the city's animal control has steadily decreased from 34% in 2012 to 3% in 2017, saving well over 1,500 animals who would have otherwise been euthanized. Our euthanization rate for adoptable animals has been 0% since July of 2013.