Donors who donate on Give STL Day will be entered into random prize drawings to win sports tickets from the St. Louis Cardinals, St. Louis Blues and the St. Louis Surge Women's Basketball Team. Winners will be pulled every hour! 

Winners will be announced and posted to this page throughout the day on May 2nd at the following times: 8:00 AM, 8:00 PM and by noon on May 3rd. Winners will be notified by email and tickets will be mailed to winners at their preferred address.


Winners of St. Louis Cardinals Tickets

  1. Michelle Doerr
  2. Erin Risk
  3. Lynn Neill
  4. Suzanne Judd
  5. Maureen Hergenroether
  6. Penny Martin
  7. Sarah Willey
  8. Sharon Gerken
  9. Callie Bambenek
  10. Jeffrey Alcamo
  11. Colleen Anderson
  12. Lauren Svoboda
  13. Arnie Schilson
  14. Bonnie Hargrove
  15. Anonymous Donor
  16. Jenny Morris
  17. Lynn Schiller
  18. Sean Doherty
  19. Ann Shea
  20. Donna Jahnke
  21. Ashleigh Blevins

Winners of St. Louis Blues Tickets (Ticket winners will also receive an authentic signed hockey puck!)

  1. Mary Linda Biggs
  2. Cheryl Guill
  3. David Welborn
  4. Denise Wareham
  5. Betty Stahlman
  6. Sarah Kirkpatrick
  7. Michael Bratton
  8. Linda White
  9. Jarrod Sharp
  10. Meridith Perkins

Winners of St. Louis Surge Women's Basketball Tickets

  1. Teri Brickey
  2. Ana Kent
  3. Katherine Verrill
  4. Mari-Anne Antweiler
  5. Catherine Beckmann