We'll be awarding prizes to nonprofits and
Cardinals tickets to donors throughout the day. 


Nonprofit Size Definitions

Micro Nonprofit - annual operating budget of $250,000 or less
Small Nonprofit - annual operating budget of $250,000 to 1 million
Medium Nonprofit - annual operating budget of $1 million to 2 million
Large Nonprofit - annual operating budget of more than $2 million

The size for each nonprofit is based on that organization’s annual operating budget NOT the budget for a specific program or project for which they are raising funds. Organizations that do not correctly categorize themselves will not be eligible for prize dollars.


Hourly Prizes for Each Nonprofit Size

4 - $1,000 prizes for the Most Dollars Raised in an Hour
4 - $1,000 prizes for the Most Unique Donors in an Hour 
4 - $5,000 prize for Most Unique Donors during the Event
+ At the End of the Day 
1 - $2,500 prize for an education related nonprofit (this does not include k-12 schools or universities/colleges)
1 - $5,000 prize for a health related nonprofits

Nonprofits cannot win more than 1 prize from each hourly drawing category.


20 in 20!

At designated times during the day there is $20,000 that will be spread over a 20 minute time period (see schedule below).

Any donation made in that 20 minutes will receive a lift. This means that every donation will get a pro rata share of that $20,000. For example, in prior years, donations made during the least busy 20 in 20 received as much as 84 cents for every dollar raised. During very busy 20 in 20 times, the lift amount was 20 cents for every dollar raised. 

Don’t miss these opportunities to give your favorite nonprofits a lift!

Donations of $500 or less will receive a lift.  Donations over $500 will be “lifted” based on the first $500 donated but will not receive additional lift dollars. This prevents a donor from making one large gift and taking all the lift money for one nonprofit.

Cardinals Tickets

Donors are eligible to win Cardinals tickets. These are pulled randomly throughout the day. The size of the gift does not factor into your odds of winning tickets. Only one set of tickets per donor.