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Super STEM Saturdays
by Daphne Stallings
Future innovators and leaders will be capable of handling the changing economic landscape if they are well versed in one, or more of the STEM disciplines; Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. Unfortunately, underserved youth, especially girls, are not acquiring these skills upon graduation, leaving them at a disadvantage when it comes to obtaining higher paying, STEM jobs. Therefore, The Access Academy has devised the Super STEM Saturday program to promote student's interest and access to STEM and prepare them for the STEM economy.
Goal: $25,000.00
1% Funded

Provide Students Enrichment
by Colleen Drazen
Aim High serves to combat systemic and social barriers for students of color and low-income students face when it comes to achieving in the classroom. Providing students access to educational enrichment helps prevent the loss of knowledge and skills over the summer known as "the summer slide" and personal enrichment gives students the confidence they need to know they can succeed. I am proud to serve an organization that works to eliminate barriers that exist to allow students access to quality summer programming. Your support will ensure students can get to and from the program (often a large barrier to attending summer programs), they will have healthy breakfast and lunch (with 84% of students qualifying for free or reduced lunch) and all supplies the students need to jump right into learning. Support from the community allows Aim High to be offered tuition free for the students and their families.
Goal: $1,000.00
32% Funded

The Right Tools to Build a Better Future
by Antionette Cotton
As a single mom I was always looking for avenues to enrich my children's lives. I wanted them to see and experience as much of the world as possible. Aim High was one key that helped us unlock doors to cultural and educational exploration. Aim High created an environment where parents and children alike could participate and grow together. The educators worked not for profit but for passion which was an investment into the lives of the children the connected with. I want to help other children obtain the tools for building a better future just as my children were able to. Please give to this worthy cause. Your simple $10 donation on May 1 can turn the key for many youth.
Goal: $300.00
468% Funded

Giving for the Kitties!
by Stacey Lewis
As a long-time supporter of animal welfare, I thought I understood the dangers of the streets for these cats and kittens. Working for Animal House, I see first-hand how bad it can be - and how wonderful and loving they are, in spite of all the awful things they have experienced. Animal House is so unique in the care, love and time given to each cat to heal, trust, play and thrive. I'm a 2-time adopter from Animal House and I couldn't imagine life without Nutmeg and Izzy. The support and advice I received from our adoption counselor on integrating the kitties and keeping them healthy and happy was invaluable!
I cannot imagine a better place to meet a new best friend and am grateful to support Animal House in their mission to save more lives.
Goal: $500.00
30% Funded

Kitty Kash
by Laura Miller
I adopted 2 wonderful cats from Animal House and I was amazed at how clean they keep the shelter. Each cat is taken very well care of based on it's individual needs. The workers are devoted , caring and professional. Please help them to help more cats in need by donating today! Even just a little Kitty Kash will help!!
Goal: $500.00
6% Funded

Saving kitty lives!
by Brandyn Jones
Animal House rescues/takes in hundreds of cats and kittens each year. Kitties who find themselves in dire straits, fending for themselves/their kittens out on the street with nowhere else to go. We provide a warm safe place filled with love, kindness, gentleness, and a personalized approach to care that allows us to learn all we can about each kitty and make lasting adoptions. Our focus is to make sure these kitties who have been through so much live a life of lasting love and security with a family of their own and never end up back on the streets living a life of uncertainty and danger. Your donations make this possible for the hundreds of kitties who come through our doors each year!
Goal: $3,500.00
14% Funded

Do it for the Kids!
by Annie Rataj
Each year there are nearly 4,000 newly bereaved kids in our community and hundreds that are still struggling alone on their grief journey. As a board member at Annie's Hope, I've learned first-hand about the impact that Annie's Hope's programs have on kids as they navigate the pain and loneliness while grieving a death.

Through Give STL Day, I'm asking for your support to help me reach my goal of $500 for the kids. Annie's Hope relies on private donations from individuals and businesses like you so that we can offer grief support services FREE OF CHARGE to families. A gift of $25, $50, or even $100 will help a child's coping skills broaden over time, help them feel less isolated, and improve their communication about the death they grieve. Your gift of any amount given at https://www.givestlday.org/annieshope helps us reach even more kids.

Thanks for joining me today!
Goal: $500.00
147% Funded

Give to the APA!
by Jennifer Meyers
Today I am supporting the APA for #GiveSTLDay. Last year, the APA found over 3,700 pets forever homes, while helping countless more animals through their low cost clinic, education program, and more.
I truly believe in their mission of bringing people and pets together and am asking for donations for their cause. Will you help?
Goal: $1,000.00
25% Funded

Help the APA raise $25,000
by Amber Webb
The Animal Protective Association/APA Adoption Center of Missouri is a non-profit organization dedicated to bringing people and pets together, advancing humane education and creating programs beneficial to the human/animal bond.
Goal: $200.00
24% Funded

Give STL Day
by Julie Beaver
My best friend Peanut was a dog surrendered at the Apa animal shelter and the greatest dog a girl could ask for! Please consider donating to such a wonderful organization! Bring people and pets together.
Goal: $1,000.00
105% Funded

by Chelsea Erxleben
Today I am supporting the APA for #GiveSTLDay. Last year, the APA found over 3,700 pets forever homes, while helping countless more animals through their low cost clinic, education program, and more.
I truly believe in their mission of bringing people and pets together and am asking for donations for their cause. Will you help? To donate to their Give STL Page, visit: www.givestlday.org/apa
Goal: $500.00
4% Funded

Sarah's Give STL Fundraising Campaign
by Sarah Javier
Each year, the APA Adoption Center helps nearly 4,000 homeless pets find safety and a new, loving home. In addition, they provide low-cost wellness services to thousands of pet throughout the St. Louis community and implement educational programs to individuals aged 1 to 101 to better the lives of both people and pets. The work they do is truly extraordinary and would not be possible without the support of the community.
Goal: $500.00
33% Funded

Bryan Family
by Emily Bryan
I have loved teaching at artscope for almost 2 years--I have gotten to meet so many awesome kids, stretch myself creatively and professionally, and work with some incredible teaching artists. My kids have also enjoyed camp and all the possibilities of having this amazing studio within such a beautiful park.
Goal: $100.00
289% Funded

Emily's campaign for Artscope
by Emily Kohring
I'm the Executive Director of Artscope, but I am also an Artscope parent. My daughter loves art (that's her in the picture). I want her to have every opportunity to make art and to practice the creative skills that will make her a successful adult. I am lucky I can provide that opportunity for her, but did you know only 7% of low-income children get to go to summer camp?

At Artscope, 20% of the children enrolled in our 10-week summer camp are on scholarship. And since we also strive to keep our programs affordable to all families, it means we need financial support from the community to help students continue to access our School's Out and Summer Camp Create programs. We also have a lot of wonderful teaching artists here who we want to continue to pay a fair wage.

I hope my friends and family will support Artscope on Give STL Day, and keep our cozy cottage in Tower Grove Park a great place for kids!
Goal: $500.00
113% Funded

Turning Challenges Into Opportunities
Arya came into our lives and left footprints on our hearts. Arya needed special care and support. We were overwhelmed with the support from the Saint Louis community where she was born. "The Arya Foundation" is her legacy to share the same support and happiness we received with other children like Arya.
The Arya Foundation is a Saint Louis-based nonprofit that aims to provide the medical aids and adaptive equipment for children with special needs living in our community.
We are proud to say that we are growing at a pace faster than we could have imagined. But we can not do this alone. We need our community support in making "The Arya Foundation" as amazing as it can be.
Come together and continue to support this powerful cause that is very personal to us. Make your way around donating for a special cause or referring a child to be helped by "The Arya Foundation".
Goal: $1,000.00
0% Funded