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Special Equipment for Special Kids
by Sunanda Dhananjay
Arya came into our lives and left footprints on our hearts. Arya needed special care and support. We were overwhelmed with the support from Saint Louis community where she was born. "The Arya Foundation" is her legacy to share the same support and happiness we received with other children like Arya.
The Arya Foundation is a Saint Louis-based nonprofit that aims to financially contribute towards the purchase of medical aids and adaptive equipment for children with special needs living in Saint Louis.
We are proud to say that we are growing at a pace faster than I could have imagined. But we can not do this alone. We need our community support in making "The Arya Foundation" as amazing as it can be.
Come together and continue to support this powerful cause that is very personal to me. Make your way around donating for a special cause or referring a child to be helped by "The Arya Foundation".

Goal: $1,000.00
15% Funded

Our Charity Partners
Every year, Carney's Kids Foundation works to raise money to distribute to partner charities. In 2017-18, ten 501(c)3 charities were funded, including Art Unleashed, Camp Notaclotamongus, Delta Gamma Center, Disabled Athlete Sports Association, Eagle's Wings, Foster and Adoptive Care Coalition, Jake's Field of Dreams, Litzsinger School, Ranken Jordan, St. Louis Crisis Nursery and Sherwood Forest.
Goal: $2,500.00
19% Funded

Leading Us Into the Future
by Ron Schowalter
I am proud to have been a flight director for this marvelous organization, that was started by the family members of the Challenger Astronauts, for 8 years. It was was rewarding and inspiring to share in the students' excitement as they realized how much they could accomplish and that STEM could be fun. Giving our students a strong foundation in STEM subjects is critical to their and our county's success in the future.
Goal: $1,000.00
21% Funded

Support future innovators and explorers!
by Tamara Brent
Please join me in supporting the Challenger Learning Center in Ferguson, St. Louis!! This award-winning center is part of a network of educational centers established to honor the seven astronauts lost with the space shuttle Challenger in 1986. The center works to engage students, educators, and the public in science and technology through simulated space missions and science education. With a focus on team-building and critical and creative thinking, the dedicated Challenger center staff serve diverse students and teachers throughout the St. Louis region. They need your support to continue to inspire the next generation of scientist and innovators. Every donation helps - thank you!
Goal: $3,000.00
19% Funded

STL Challenger Learning Center
by Ray Orofino
The St. Louis Challenger Learning Center is a shining light for the development of young minds across of our community. A leader in STEM and STEAM, Hands On, a Close Partner to Greater St. Louis Schools and both the Illinois and Missouri side. The Challenger Learning Center needs our help to keep the light glowing and minds growing..
Goal: $5,800.00
0% Funded

New Studio Top Floor
We love our dance floor! And when you love something like a dance floor, it gets used...a lot. Over the past year and a half, our dance floor has seen countless hours of classes and rehearsal, including plenty of tap. While we have given the floor regular attention with fresh coats of heavy-duty paint and sealant, it has reached a point where it needs a more tap-appropriate top layer. We would like to purchase "Time Step" flooring, which is a tap-appropriate floor topper. And your donation on Give STL Day will help us do that! Our fundraising goal is $5500, and that will allow us to resurface both our dance studios.
Goal: $5,500.00
6% Funded

Celebrate GRC's 35th Anniversary!
Give to Gifted Resource Council to help Celebrate 35 Years of Enrichment Programs for Children in the St. Louis Area!

Gifted Resource Council was founded as a non-profit organization in 1983 by three women concerned about the lack of enrichment programming for their own and other children in the St. Louis area. From its beginning, GRC's mission was to bring together the resources of the community, the schools and parents to help bright and talented children achieve their potential. Over the years, GRC grew into an organization that serves the St. Louis community with three major programs: Academic Challenge Cup (friendly competitions in the areas of math, language skills and creative problem solving), Saturday Learning Labs and Summer Academies. In addition to programs, GRC offers parenting classes, workshops for teachers, and telephone advice to assist adults in meeting the needs of gifted children.

Gifted Resource Council's goal is to provide support for children and their families to enable young people to enhance their abilities - both academic and interpersonal - and fulfill their potential. Currently, GRC serves 2,500 children each year and has served over 49,000 since its founding in 1983!
All Gifted Resource Council programs encourage teamwork, task organization, flexibility and analytical thinking, as well as participatory decision-making. In addition to the intellectual stimulation of a challenging curriculum, students improve their social skills by working cooperatively with others. In addition to providing academic enrichment and experiences interacting cooperatively with other gifted youngsters, GRC teaches students HOW to think rather than WHAT to think.

Tuition, which is deliberately kept modest so that students from all economic backgrounds can participate, covers only part of the costs GRC incurs. Support from civic-minded donors like you who understand the value of reaching gifted students must account for the rest. Won't you please consider donating to Gifted Resource Council so that even more children may benefit from 35 years of experience in providing support for the enthusiastic learners and future leaders from throughout the St. Louis area?
Goal: $2,000.00
1% Funded

Give For Gifted Kiddos
by Krista Brown
As many of you know, my husband and I have two wonderful, bright kiddos - one of whom has tested into a special program for exceptionally gifted children. Before that happened, I had no idea there was such an incredible need for resources and programs for gifted kids. Our own family realized quickly that we needed those resources - like how to understand perfectionism, and social/emotional wellness. Things like emotional intensity entered the picture and we had no idea where to go with it or how to help our son cope - until Gifted Support Network came along. The information they provided for us saved our family life and helped us understand our son. Would you consider giving to Gifted Support Network to help other families like ours get the resources they need too?
Goal: $1,000.00
11% Funded

Help the Gifted Support Network
by Emily Kircher-Morris
When I worked in the schools as a teacher of identified gifted students, it really came to light how misunderstood this population can be. I came to view it as a simple difference in brain wiring - not better than or less than, just different. Our society, however, minimizes the unique learning needs this population has, thinking "Oh, they're smart. They'll be just fine."
If only it were that simple. There are varied social and emotional concerns high-ability individuals face, such as perfectionism, being under-challenged in school, or having a hard time relating to same-age peers. Additionally, twice-exceptional (2e) learners who are both cognitively gifted and have another diagnosis such as ADHD, Autism, or a specific learning disability, face even further hurdles and fewer resources because their ability often masks their struggles.
I started the Gifted Support Network in 2012 to help provide families of high-ability learners have community support surrounding developmental and educational issues for this population. We started small, with a group of dedicated parents and educators. Almost all of our events are free: quarterly Speaker Series lectures for parents and educators on topics related to gifted/talented needs and monthly Parent Support Group sessions to give parents the chance to talk to other families facing similar needs. We use our funds to provide grants to educators for materials to provide opportunities for high-ability learners and scholarships to kids interested in our Saturday Enrichment Workshops. We are the only organization in St. Charles County (and one of only a handful in the entire St. Louis area) dedicated to this cause.
If you have benefited from our organization, know someone who has, or would like to help us on our mission to support our local community of high-ability learners, we'd really appreciate your donation. It is tax-deductible and even a small donation can make a big difference to our organization.
Goal: $1,000.00
46% Funded