Megan Meier Foundation

Our Mission: "To Support and Inspire Actions to End Bullying, Cyberbullying, and Suicide."

Our Vision: "To live in a world where bullying and cyberbullying no longer exist."

We believe that through empowering our society to celebrate individuality and the acceptance of others, that we can work together to make a difference and create a safer and kinder world.

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Address: 515 Jefferson Street Suite A
Saint Charles, MO 63301
Phone Number: 636-757-3501
Fax: 636-757-3504
The Megan Meier Foundation was founded by Tina Meier in 2007 after her daughter, Megan Meier, tragically took her own life following a severe cyberbullying attack. Tina has since committed to preventing this type of tragedy by helping other students, families, schools, and communities affected by bullying-related issues. The Megan Meier Foundation seeks to impact the nearly 13 million children bullied every year through programs aimed at understanding the issues surrounding bullying and cyberbullying, their prevalence and impact, as well as provide prevention and post-intervention techniques, resources, and support.

Since 2008, the Megan Meier Foundation has provided 790 presentations and 111 community outreach events throughout the country, reaching more than 270,000 students, parents, and educators. In the past four years, the Foundation has led 12 leadership workshops in the St. Louis Metropolitan area serving more than 7,000 middle school and high school students and sponsors, which resulting in increased pro-social behaviors.
"You came to my school and very possibly could have saved my life. I was going through some tough times with bullying and such but since your visit, I feel like I'm ok again. I'm doing better in school, getting ready to graduate, and have a wonderful relationship with my family and friends. Thank you, you do such life saving and heart touching work. I just wish someone like you had been there for your daughter like you were for me."

"This program was a Godsend, as our insurance was not covering the cost of counseling for my daughter, plus we couldn't really find the right "fit", Kristin was wonderful and out of all the counselor's Emily has seen, she seemed to connect with her the best. I am hoping the program can continue for my daughter as well as for others. Emily's grades have gone from "F" to "A" and she is getting out and doing things again, instead of hiding in her room!!! Thank you for all you do!"

"Today you came to speak at my school. Your story hit home so hard…. The reason I am emailing you is to let you know that you saved my life today. Until now, I didn't know how much it would have mattered if I had taken my life. I've always figured that people would move on with everyday life. Life is too precious to waste; a lesson I never thought of until today. Thank you, I will never forget today."

"The MMF was very courage's and supportive helping our family with a severe bullying situation at school. They stayed in contact with us on a regular basis to make sure we felt supported and safe. In addition, they met with the school administration to inquire about the safety and processes to protect all students."