Jefferson County Pet Food Pantry

Jefferson County Pet Food Pantry distributes pet food, sets up free spay/neuter once a month to low-income pet owners in Jefferson County, MO (& rural surrounding areas). Through education, spay/neuter and with the help of organizations like Jefferson County Pet Food Pantry, it could mean the difference between keeping pets in their homes or relinquishing them to shelters or abandonment.

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Address: PO Box 2112
Imperial, MO 63052
Phone Number: 314-723-6127
Jefferson County Pet Food Pantry is 100% volunteer based non-profit group. We have very little overhead so the funds go directly to helping animals. Our group relies on public donations and support of our thrift store (which subsidizes our expenses). Not only do we provide free pet food, we also pay for spay/neuter, some medical and humane euthanasia for those who cannot afford it. We work closely with the Jefferson County, Missouri Government, including: Jefferson County Animal Control, Department of Health and Senior Services, Disabled Veterans and The Court's Division. Recently we were awarded a certificate from the Jefferson County Red Cross Disaster Relief Program.
" I want to thank you all for all you do to make sure our pets are fed, you play such a huge role in my life by allowing me to keep my dog, her name is Shandy and she has made my life complete, I am happy once again and by you donating the food for her it makes it all possible for me to keep her , the cost of having a pet is not cheap , but you allow me to keep her by me being able to have her fed, I cannot thank you enough for this, you ALL are a blessing in my life and the lives of so many others for everything you do for everybody, and all the hard work you do to make sure our pets get fed.......God bless you all!!!."............Cindy M.