Incarnate Word Academy

The mission of Incarnate Word Academy is to challenge young women of faith to achieve their God-given potential as academically successful Women of the Word, following the example of Jesus, the Incarnate Word, by promoting human dignity, thereby empowering themselves and others to make a positive impact on our world.

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Address: 2788 Normandy Dr
Saint Louis, MO 63121
Phone Number: 314-725-5850 ext. 1185
Fax: 314-725-2308
Incarnate Word Academy is a Catholic institution which strives to empower our students to become leaders, scholars, and meaningful contributors to the community and the ever-changing world. We make the following commitments:

Incarnate Word Academy will offer a premier college-preparatory education in a dynamic learning environment that fosters independence, embraces diversity, and grounds its dedication to excellence in Christian values.

Social justice, human respect, and a commitment to service are and will remain at the heart of the community.

Our graduates will be prepared to act ethically and responsibly as they continue their educations and enter the workforce, particularly in their ability to use emerging technologies.

As a forward-thinking institution, we will continue to evolve our unique approach to teaching and guiding young women, blending strong tradition with sound innovation.