Inner City Youth Tutoring, Inc.

Inner City Youth Tutoring, Inc.'s (ICYT) mission is to improve the academic performance of at-risk underprivileged youth (PreK-12th Grade) in the Greater St. Louis Metropolitan Area by tailoring to their individual educational needs, while equipping them with the necessary tools and strategies to enhance their learning, so academic success is experienced, at no cost to their families.

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Address: 4579 Laclede Ave #144
St. Louis, MO 63108
Phone Number: 314-960-0004 ext. NA
Fax: 314-361-5515
Inner City Youth Tutoring, Inc. is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit tutoring organization that serves at-risk underprivileged youth (PreK-12th grade) in the Greater St. Louis Metropolitan Area who are unable to afford tutoring services, yet are in need of individualized academic enhancement. ICYT specializes in personalized one-on-one educational enhancement coaching by educating, instructing, supporting and advocating for students and parents in the educational sector. This is accomplished by developing and implementing individualized educational enhancement learning plans that best fit the academic needs of each student, 1-5 days a week for one hour in the academic areas of Readiness Skills, Language Arts (Reading, Writing, Grammar, and Spelling), Math, and other subjects as needed. Also, services are provided for GED instruction, ACT Prep, and temporary 'sick care" schooling. All services are provided during the school day, after school or wherever it is convenient for a student's services (e.g., home, school, library, daycare, etc.). All services, except GED and ACT Prep, are made possible for our students through ICYT's "Blocks to Books" scholarship program at no cost to families through donations received as funding is available.

ICYT's educational philosophy is based on the whole student; therefore, our Educational Enhancement Coaches (EEC) focus on a student's intellectual, physical, social, emotional and cognitive development of a student, while catering to their various learning styles (spatial, logic-mathematical, linguistic, bodily-kinesthetic, naturalist, interpersonal, and intrapersonal) that will ensure optimal academic progress. Also, ICYT allows students to share their thoughts and ideas, ask questions, explore topics and become not only listeners but thinkers who have a balanced amount of structure and control, which is advantageous and results in them becoming confident, responsible learners. By providing safe and comfortable learning, our students can experience learning in a variety of ways which allows them to have higher academic performance and success.
At the end of the school year, Laila continued to thrive and accomplished a 3.7 honor roll status for the school year along with four additional scholastic awards and an award for Dedication to Success in Math. The care and teaching methods provided by Inner City Youth Tutoring has motivated her to excel above the usual expectations of her peers in school. Currently, she plans to overcome her challenges from severe hearing loss and pursue a career in Science. However, our family's financial conditions were not allowing us to pay for furthering tutoring with math and critical subjects without taking out a loan or borrowing money from someone, which was not an option because that would still be money we would have to pay back, that we did not have. With the scholarship and the generosity of ICYT's donors along with the support of Mr. Archie and Ms. Marsha, Laila was helped to continue to focus on academics and my husband and me did not have to worry about the additional financial strain on the family, because we could not afford the much-needed assistance for tutoring fees. ICYT and your Blocks to Books Scholarship Program along with the various donors thank you once again for your generosity as well as your services and the time, energy, and support your Educational Enhancement Coaches gave our daughter, Laila Bevly. We truly appreciate it!
With Our Sincere Thanks,
Loletha and Viron Bevly (Parents)

I would like to show how honored I am to the Inner City Youth Tutoring and its donors for the scholarship and the free money given to my parents for my tutoring. The tools learned through my weekly tutoring sessions have helped me be successful, and I have hope in making my dream career in Science come true and for that I can't thank you enough as well as Mr. Archie and Ms. Marsha, my excellent tutors! Since I had extra support this year, I was able to become more outgoing and was able to work hard with less stress. I have been able to receive honor roll and other awards because of my hard work and help from my weekly tutoring. I want to let you know that I will continue my hard work so I can go to college.Thank you once again for your generosity. I promise I will continue to work hard to prove myself worthy of the opportunity the scholarship has given me. I am looking forward to the day I can help other students just as Inner City Youth Tutoring and its donors have helped me.
Laila Bevly (Student)

I want to thank the donors for giving money to Inner City Youth Tutoring's scholarship program for my boys and me. My boys, Dione and Jaylen, have benefited and learned a lot. I appreciate this so much, especially with my income and schedule. Also, I do not have the patience, because I don't always have enough time to teach them. Again I want you all to know I thank you and appreciate your help!!!!
Sharonda White (Parent)

Ms. Marsha,
Thank you for helping me read. I am a great reader now, and my teacher thinks so too. My favorite books are Nate the Great books. Nate is the hero of the story. Ms. Marsha thank you for teaching another name for a hero which is a protagonist, the good guy.
Dione (Student)

Ms. Marsha,
I like school and when you come over to help me. I know how to write a sentence using finger spacing. I like how you help me with my reading. I am a good reader.
Jaylen (Student)