St. Frances Cabrini Academy

St. Frances Cabrini Academy is a Catholic elementary school that educates by nurturing the growth of each child's mind, body, and spirit. We celebrate our diversity while acting together to proclaim the Gospel. We commit ourselves to justice, the value of a quality education for all, and the vibrancy of the city of St. Louis.

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Address:3022 Oregon Ave
St. Louis, MO 63118
Phone Number:314-776-0883 ext. 202
St. Frances Cabrini Academy is a school of choice for people from all economic levels, ethnic backgrounds, and faith traditions. We remain financially stable, enrolling students regardless of need and providing the resources necessary to enhance programs that further challenge students to realize their potential. We act as a stabilizing force and a catalyst for change, growth, and justice in our community. As our students go out into the world, they will be regarded as models of respect, compassion, and confidence. Your donation will help support our scholarship fund. The scholarship fund supports roughly 67% of our student body whose average income for a household of 4 is $23,000.
Dr. Tom Nickson and his wife, Elizabeth, have been supporting St. Frances Cabrini Academy for four years. When asked how he felt about supporting Cabrini Tom responded, "The mission and vision of Cabrini aligns well with mine. Education, in particular Catholic education, of children is critical for each child and for peace in our world. Children that hear God's word in the context of their education are better empowered to live and act as Christ directs us all." Tom is the International Policy Lead for Monsanto. His role involves analyzing emerging legal and administrative measures around the world related to accessing and utilizing biodiversity. During one of Tom's first visits to Cabrini he experienced, "bright and motivated students as well as faculty and staff that showed they are personally engaged with the students and committed to the success and growth of the school." Tom became more personally involved a year ago when a former Board member approached him to put his name forward for consideration to be on the Board. In Tom's eyes Cabrini is, "removing financial barriers for families in order to receive a spiritually complete and academically rigorous education, which sets Cabrini apart and makes it special and vital to St. Louis."