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Canterbury Enterprises, Inc.

Canterbury Enterprises, Inc.'s Hire to Inspire program will provide exceptional training, experience, and temporary employment to individuals with developmental disabilities who are actively seeking community hire via a supported employment agency, in the lengthy interim between application and acquisition. By hiring these individuals in that transitional period, Canterbury is addressing a core issue in the developmentally disabled community that it is disproportionately difficult to obtain and maintain employment. Canterbury will be the stepping stone to success for these consumers by coaching them on soft skills, imparting practical job skills, and providing them work experience and the ability to adjust to work life in a more understanding and adaptive environment. Hire to Inspire is a new program for Canterbury, one that applies our comprehensive combination of training, support, empowerment, provision of services, and employment in a new direction toward this disregarded niche population. Hire to Inspire enlivens and exemplifies our mission of employing individuals with developmental disabilities, while fostering the advancement of their independence, and empowering them to set and achieve personal and vocational goals.

Hire to Inspire is partially supported by a grant from the Wells Fargo Foundation. Join the support crew today!

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