Good Journey Development Foundation

Good Journey envisions a society in which young people can overcome obstacles and challenges, no matter the economic or ethnic background, and benefit from life's opportunities uninhibited, so that strong, young leaders and communities emerge. So, we support and build sustainable communities and young leaders who take responsibility for the improvement of our communities, and promote cultural understanding that contributes to the betterment of society.

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Address:P.O. Box 23016
St. Louis, MO 63156
Phone Number:314-229-9079
Good Journey works with young people ages 8 to 25 in communities and neighborhoods and in partnership with schools and community organizations. Through Good Journey programs, young people gain experience and learn to be the leaders they are intended to be in their schools, communities, jobs and with their families.

Young people who have been adjudicated through the family and juvenile court system engage with Good Journey's Skills 4 Life program that help them develop a greater self-awareness, positive leadership skills, a deeper understanding of their values and how to use them to promote goodness, how to understand their anger and communicate effectively so that they reach the outcomes that are beneficial for them and others around them, and much more.

During eight weeks of the summer, young people participate and serve as volunteers and staff for Good Journey's Summer Leadership Academy. Young people grow and become more collective in their thoughts and actions and have a better understanding of their relationship to community and the value of the community. The summer includes volunteering in a community garden, field experiences throughout the St. Louis region that teach youth history and collective work and responsibility, engaging entrepreneurs and career and community leaders, making art that is self and community reflective, doing fun math and science experiments and much more.

In connection with the summer program, Good Journey's ART IN OUR WORLD will bring women artists who make traditional Sweetgrass baskets and Zulu baskets, from South Carolina and South Africa to exhibit their work, share their culture and teach youth and families the art of basket making.

Good Journey engages young people throughout the year through the Our Community Our World program. This program gets young people directly involved with community building through service project design and partnerships on service projects with other community organizations. Young people have developed plans for a holistic community based art experience for children and a youth business incubator. They have participated in community clean-up and community gardening projects, and volunteered at the annual African Community Health Fair at Turner Park. They also continue to participate with Advocates for Youth in the Resource Accountability Project, doing research to determine how money donated to youth programs, after the Ferguson Uprising, is benefiting them and their peers. Youth are currently working with the St. Louis African American History and Genealogy Society to research and digitally map the historic routes of the Annie Malone Parade through the historic Ville neighborhood.

In connection with Our Community Our World, in 2014 Good Journey initiated its Cultural Education Experience and Exchange project. Good Journey took 6 young leaders to South Africa for a cultural exchange experience that they used upon their return to further their leadership in their schools and communities. The young people are creators and leaders of school organizations, interns in their career field of interest, high academic achievers and leaders with their peers.

Good Journey would like to continue this program work, partnering with a St. Louis Public School and a university, to take a group of 12 middle school students from St. Louis Public Schools on an educational experience to Kenya. Students will experience the culture, learn the language of Ki-Swahili, study and experience the history, connect to the environment through earth science and nature, connect with youth from Kenya to complete a community project and build relationships that can be maintained with the guidance of teachers via the internet, and gain a better understanding of the need for them to be global learners and citizens.
Here are some things young people and parents say and experience from being a part of Good Journey:
"You asked me who am I. I can answer that question now. I know who I am." - K.G.
"I have learned to control my attitude. I also learned to be a leader at all times. I have learned to be more responsible and try to lead myself in the right direction so others will follow. I value being responsible and that helps me with planning and achieving those goals." - T.W.
"One thing I learned in this class is different ways to learn to control my anger and how to think first." - J.H.
"What I liked most about this class was learning about the Nguzo Saba, values." - T.F.
"Unity. I will apply my value to my teacher, peers, and family by loving them and being respectful. I am somebody. I am caring. I am loving. I am fearless. I am careful. I am responsible." - N.J.
"His grades are better. He is putting towards more effort. I've been with his father for more than 8 years and S.B. never brought a grade home like As and Bs." - S.B.'s Stepmother
"I learned my name means Courteous. It kinda gives me an idea of why I'm self conscious about being courteous to some people. I'm going to embrace the meaning more." - C.J.
"One thing I know my child learned at Good Journey is how to organize and work together. How to understand personal interests and strengths and direct them in a positive, constructive direction." - T.E.'s Father
"My child will be more bold about speaking." Z.S.'s Mother
"One thing I know my child will do differently is show other's what he learned and they will follow him." - D.W.'s Father
"One thing I know I will do differently after learning at Good Journey is be a better leader." - H.E.