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Gifted Support Network

When I worked in the schools as a teacher of identified gifted students, it really came to light how misunderstood this population can be. I came to view it as a simple difference in brain wiring - not better than or less than, just different. Our society, however, minimizes the unique learning needs this population has, thinking "Oh, they're smart. They'll be just fine."
If only it were that simple. There are varied social and emotional concerns high-ability individuals face, such as perfectionism, being under-challenged in school, or having a hard time relating to same-age peers. Additionally, twice-exceptional (2e) learners who are both cognitively gifted and have another diagnosis such as ADHD, Autism, or a specific learning disability, face even further hurdles and fewer resources because their ability often masks their struggles.
I started the Gifted Support Network in 2012 to help provide families of high-ability learners have community support surrounding developmental and educational issues for this population. We started small, with a group of dedicated parents and educators. Almost all of our events are free: quarterly Speaker Series lectures for parents and educators on topics related to gifted/talented needs and monthly Parent Support Group sessions to give parents the chance to talk to other families facing similar needs. We use our funds to provide grants to educators for materials to provide opportunities for high-ability learners and scholarships to kids interested in our Saturday Enrichment Workshops. We are the only organization in St. Charles County (and one of only a handful in the entire St. Louis area) dedicated to this cause.
If you have benefited from our organization, know someone who has, or would like to help us on our mission to support our local community of high-ability learners, we'd really appreciate your donation. It is tax-deductible and even a small donation can make a big difference to our organization.

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When I founded GSN, I didn't know I'd also be parenting two twice-exceptional kids of my own. I'm so grateful to have the community of support through the families involved in this organization.

Goal: $1,000.00
Raised: $462.50