Our Mission:
EarthDance sustainably grows food, farmers, and community, one small farm at a time, through hands-on education and delicious experiences.

Our Vision:
Organic farmers feeding the world,
Communities caring for the land,
Farms inspiring creativity

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Address: 233 S Dade Ave
Ferguson, MO 63135
Phone Number: 314-521-1006
Healthy Food Production
EarthDance believes that health begins in the soil. With permaculture designs and plantings to encourage native pollinators and steward 14 acres of preserved historic farmland. EarthDance sustainably grows and distributes over 75 varieties of fresh, certified organic produce on a suburban farm in Ferguson, MO.

Farm-Based Education
EarthDance welcomes people from all walks of life for agriculture and food-based education on the farm. Our Farm & Garden Apprenticeship has empowered over 250 new farmers and gardeners to become food leaders in St. Louis and beyond. The YEAH! (Youth Exploring Agriculture & Health) Program connects 900+ young people to the farm for job training and employment opportunities, field trips, and service learning.

Community Development & Empowerment
EarthDance is working to highlight the many ways that food justice can translate into holistic peace-building and wider social movements. The recently conducted Ferguson Community Food Assessment provides insight to envision and realize ways to make Ferguson a better place to eat, for all.
"We don't come together as a community a whole lot, so for us to do this and grow our own food and see our own progress is very important. And I like that we do it 'cause i never had an experience like this; I feel like it is something I am going to take for the rest of my life." - Tre Killiebrew - Junior Farm Crew member

"I wanted to learn how to be a better gardener and to improve my physical health. Mostly, I wanted to do something for my spirit…there is little more satisfying than getting covered in mud, picking a few extra sun gold tomatoes or ground cherries as I walk by, or leaving with a bag full of new vegetables and learning how to cook them…none of these experiences compare with the gifts of the community." -Carla Fletcher, Apprenticeship graduate 2015

"Since my husband and I moved to Ferguson in 2004, we have seen incredible changes to this City. As we started our Old Ferguson West Community Garden to help bring neighbors together, EarthDance was getting its start just a few blocks away. EarthDance has become one of Ferguson's greatest assets by continuing to grow organic food and teaching the next generation of organic farmers. They also spend a lot of time engaging local youth. After the unrest in August of 2014, many of us realized we needed to do more to reach out to residents. EarthDance offered yoga on the farm, and encouraged people to come and enjoy the serenity of the farm to aid in healing. As a community we have a lot of work ahead of us. Having EarthDance as a partner will help us move forward even stronger." - Heather Robinett, Ferguson City Councilwoman - Ward 2