Citizens for Modern Transit

CMT leads efforts for an integrated, affordable, and convenient public transportation system with light rail expansion as the critical component that will drive economic growth to improve quality of life in the St. Louis region.

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Address: 911 Washington Ave., Suite 200
St. Louis, MO 63101
Phone Number: 314-231-7272
CMT is a non-profit/member-supported organization working to get transit expanded and improved in the region. We accomplish these goals through ridership programs, advocacy, transit and Transit Oriented Development (TOD) education and more. CMT has been in existence for over 30 years - we were formed in 1985 to bring light rail to St. Louis, and have been working constantly since to take the system to the next level.

Our public work comes out in lots of different ways - for example, CMT ran the feasibility study for the new planned station on the alignment in Midtown near Cortex, and we run multiple rider-incentive programs that teach people how to use public transit and how transit can benefit their health, their pocketbook, and their community. For example, our Try & Ride program encourages people to try transit for at least two months for their work commute; we "hold their hand" along the way and help participants figure out how to get from their front door to work via bus or MetroLink. We've had over 4000 people sign up this program in its 3-year history.

We also teach people how to use transit, and to integrate it into their everyday lives. The Ten Toe Express program encourages seniors to use transit to improve their health, decrease social isolation, and increase their independence through transit-centered walking groups. Ten Toe Express participants use transit to become tourists in their own city, seeing their hometown from a different perspective.
As a transportation planner, I believe a truly equitable transportation system is one that promotes all modes of transportation, including public transit, walking and biking. As transportation trends change we must provide a fair and sustainable transportation system, and a robust transit operation is a critical component of that network. CMT is an important organization for promoting transit in the St. Louis region. As the advocate for transit in St. Louis, CMT starts important discussions and gathers key stakeholders on how we can better connect people with better transportation options.
- Jacque Lumsden, Transportation Planner/Marketing: Coordinator CBB Transportation Engineers + Planners
CMT is important to the St. Louis region because it serves as a necessary advocate and change-maker for our local public transportation system. Through organizations like CMT, we can envision what our public transportation and our city can look like, whether that is through expanding MetroLink, economic development, or improving our quality of life. I value being part of an organization that is working to create a more vibrant and accessible St. Louis.
- Stephanie Co, Special Assistant to the President/CEO Beyond Housing, CMT Board of Directors
Everyone, no matter where they live, has an interest in improving their community. Their methods may differ, from maintaining a garden in a subdivision roundabout, to picking up trash off a city sidewalk, to running for local office. What matters is that these places are home and our home is something we take deep pride in. A transit system is a community too, one that stitches all of the communities surround it together. Because of this, it requires a special kind of attention and just as much care as a gardener gives to their own garden.
CMT works to provide this special care to our transit communities in St. Louis and statewide. With the work of their dedicated staff and thousands of members and volunteers, CMT is on the beat everyday tending the garden. For over 30 years they have been an advocate for quality transit that is accessible to all members of our communities. CMT's hyper-engagement with the community and the results they've been able to produce attracted me to the organization. They embrace their members and count on them to push the mission forwards. I plan on being a member for many years to come and working towards creating a world class transit community that St. Louis deserves.
- Jake Banton, Assoc. AIA, LEED GA, Architectural Staff: Mackey Mitchell
Citizens for Modern Transit is important to me because I've used public transit since I was 9 years old. I advocated informally for public transit years before I entered the wider sphere of active transportation advocacy professional in 2013. I am passionate about my involvement in transit planning, and CMT is my voice. They've asked, listened, and then communicated my concerns and thoughts to improve Metro. I appreciate CMT's calls to action and tangible responses. I feel very strongly that transit planning must include feedback from all demographics. Inclusion results in ideas and solutions from the bottom up. Transit users, community builders and many others work on the "front line" to include everyone and improve our public transportation system. I appreciate that CMT's mission and work require meaningful, candid and sometimes difficult conversations with policymakers, business owners, corporate and institutional leaders. It is evident that they trust CMT's expertise and input to guide their decisions. Because CMT is on mission, there are fewer cars on the roads, reduced traffic congestion and cleaner air. When CMT succeeds, I win and contribute to the solutions that make public transit in St. Louis viable.
- Sheryll Williams, Outreach Coordinator: Great Rivers Greenway
I believe that a modern transportation system is crucial to the growth and prosperity of this region. A very important component to this is a safe and affordable public transportation system. A system such as this allows for people that would ordinarily not have transportation to do the things that some take for granted: grocery shopping, doctor visits, travel to and from work, etc. Some can't afford vehicles and the costs of maintaining and operating one. A certain amount of air pollution and parking issues would also be minimalized. Property values would also be positively influenced by a safe and affordable public transportation system. I am proud to be associated with CMT! CMT is an advocate for citizens that ordinarily would have little or no input into modern transportation systems that include a public transportation component. CMT is also a great educational tool, as well as a public awareness organization. I derive satisfaction from being a part of an organization that strives to help solve one of the major issues of the day.
- Gary W. Elliott, Business Manager: Eastern MO Laborers' District Council, CMT Board member