Circus Harmony

Circus Harmony teaches the art of life through circus education. We work to build character and expand community for youth of all ages, cultures, abilities and backgrounds. Through teaching and performing of circus arts, we help people defy gravity, soar with confidence, and leap over social barriers, all at the same time.

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Address: 4120 Parker Rd
St. Louis, MO 63033
Phone Number: 314-436-7676
Circus Harmony is a non-profit social circus organization that uses circus arts to motivate social change. By inspiring individuals and connecting communities with our circus education and entertainment programs, we have a positive impact on the St. Louis area and beyond.

Our programs teach valuable life skills like perseverance, focus, and teamwork. Learning circus with others teaches trust, responsibility and cooperation. Perhaps the most important experience we give our participants is the opportunity to meet and interact with children from different socioeconomic and cultural backgrounds than their own. We believe the path to peace is a path of cooperation and communication. Teaching children from different neighborhoods how to stand on each other's shoulders may seem like a strange way to take this path. But it's the technique we use!

Circus is about accomplishing the impossible. Your gifts support our youth throughout the St. Louis area to find joy through juggling, peace through pyramids, harmony through handsprings, and to defy gravity among other limitations.
Hear it from our flying children about the work we do:

The reason I do circus arts is: because it makes me happy. I have made many lasting friendships and met so many kids from around St. Louis and around the world. It gives me the opportunity to step out of my normal day life and do amazing things. I hope the audience takes away the joy I get from performing when they see our shows. When I teach circus to other kids, I feel excited for their accomplishments and invested in their success.
Sarah Kuhlman, age 14

I do circus arts to stay working and getting better at something I love. I'm blessed with an opportunity like this. Who do you know touring all over at 13? Because I built a family in circus and family sticks together. This is why I do circus arts. This is what I hope the audience takes away from seeing my performance: that you can do anything you put your mind to if you put in the work. Also that when they're in the Circus Ring, you're safe to come out of your comfort zone, ease up, enjoy the show, laugh, smile; these things make us performers work harder. When I teach circus to other kids, I feel great. It feels good to help someone do what you love to do. That's awesome for me and the students.
Malik Leeks, age 13

Doing circus arts gives me the opportunity to meet and connect with people all over the world, push myself to do the things I believed I couldn't, and express myself the way I want and not the labels the world puts on me. I hope that the audience feels the joy that circus brings me in my performance, so they can share the joy as well. I feel happy and excited to share what I know to other kids. Teaching also helps me get to know them and develop a friendship through circus.
Jahlah Baum, age 15

Circus is always there for me when I need it the most. I feel like it is a safe and open place for me to go to as an artist. I'm so grateful to be able to show people the skills I have been doing in Circus for so long. This place is like my second home and I am forever grateful that I get to learn and grow up in this place. I want the audience to feel the joy I have for performing. I want them to not only cherish what they're seeing but maybe feel inspired to go and do and achieve their dreams. I feel so happy that I have the opportunity to teach other kids circus. Seeing their smiles on their faces and how happy they are when they learn a new skill is the reason why I keep teaching. My first Circus Teacher meant a lot to me and I hope I can mean a lot to them someday.
Kyran Walton, age 14

Circus is a place where I can always work to improve myself. At Circus Harmony, I have met and become friends with a diverse group of kids I would have never met outside circus. Circus Harmony gives me once in a lifetime experiences like performing in Israel and Puerto Rico.
I hope the audience sees how when we work together we can create something extraordinary and beautiful. I love to watch kids get excited about what they are doing. When I teach circus to other kids, I feel excited to see them improve.
Ari Maayan, age 18

I do circus because it sets me apart from other people and gives me many opportunities. I get to perform in front of big audiences, travel, and meet new people. I hope the audience will be amazed by my performance and encouraged to think nothing is impossible.Teaching circus feels really good, like sharing a gift I have to other people. It is an awesome feeling getting to see your student amaze themselves by doing things they never thought was possible.
Finn Mateo McNamee, age 13

I love everything about circus, the training, performing, and the relationships I've made during my circus career. I hope the audience can enjoy the performance and become inspired to follow their dreams. I feel happy when I teach circus to other kids, because I can tell they are excited about getting new tricks and they become happy too afterwards.
Oliver Layher, age 17

Circus is a fun, extraordinary activity that all kids are capable of doing, and when they see a circus it makes everyone happy. I hope the audience is happy, shocked and amazed when they see me perform. When I teach circus to other kids, I feel the joy kids get from learning a trick they always wanted to do, I share the encouragement, responsibility, and fun they have learning circus.
Sabrina Skaggs, age 15

I do circus because of all its attributes such as the good-hearted people that are in circus, the physical preparation, and it gives me a purpose in life. I hope the audience can see how much passion and hard work I dedicate to circus. When I teach other kids circus I feel as if I am making people lives so much brighter and contributing to them becoming a better person.
Anthony McGee, age 14