Challenger Learning Center

Inspire the future generation of innovators by:

• Providing simulated space missions and other hands-on educational programs that emphasize the importance of teamwork, communication and creative problem-solving skills

• Sparking a lifelong interest in science and engineering by actively engaging participants in programs that are both fun and educational

• Equipping educators with the knowledge, resources, and tools to help their students be innovative, successful, and lifelong learners

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Address: 205 Brotherton Lane
Ferguson, MO 63135
Phone Number: 314-521-6205
Fax: 314-524-3764
The award-winning Challenger Learning Center-St. Louis provides simulated space missions, science education and team-building programs. It is part of the Challenger Center for Space Science Education, an international not-for-profit education organization founded in April 1986 by the families of the astronauts tragically lost during the Challenger space shuttle mission. Included on that mission was Christa McAuliffe, who was to be the first teacher in space. The families wanted to create something to continue the mission of their loved ones, where future generations of explorers could learn and be inspired to develop a long-term interest in science, math and technology.

The core experience at the center is a two-hour simulated space mission featuring an orbiting space station and a Mission Control center. All programs offered by the Challenger Learning Center provide meaningful and engaging science, technology, engineering, and math activities as well as a focus on team-building, cooperation, and critical and creative thinking skills. Programs are available for students, educators, corporations, scouts, community groups and the general public.
"I often find myself calling upon my experiences-that initial spark, if you will-that I got from the Challenger Learning Center. My experiences definitely helped me to solidify and stick with my ultimate career choice, and I'm forever thankful for that!" . . . .Meg Meehan, Goddard Spaceflight Center - Mechanical Systems Engineer

"The Challenger Learning Center program was the most unique and memorable experience I could ever hope to provide for my students. The teamwork skills, cooperative learning, and overall wealth of knowledge gained from this experience was more than I could hope for to implement a hands-on approach to learning."...Amber Markus, Dorris Intermediate School, Collinsville, IL

"Nothing we can do in the classroom can compare to the hands-on experience the Challenger Learning Center provides to our students. Though it is always our goal to turn our students on to science and thinking about careers in science, we are unable to provide the real world experience that the Center provides. The students can actually experience taking classroom learning to a whole new level."...Gardner Elementary, 5th-grade teacher, Alician Langhurst

"The Challenger Learning Centers are more than "field trips" for my students, they are game-changers for those who have never believed they could be something more than what they are right now."….Gina Pereda, 8th-grade Science Teacher, Ferguson Middle School