Center For Racial Harmony

Center for Racial Harmony is a not-for-profit 501 (c)(3) third party neutral organization whose mission is to promote understanding, cooperation, and communication among all races and ethnic groups as well as diversity and inclusion. We provide services in many different areas including training and mediation; facilitation; community outreach and youth development.

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Address: PO Box 296
Belleville, IL 62222
Phone Number: 618-234-0508
Fax: 618-310-3176
* To communicate effectively the meaning and benefits of ethnic and racial harmony
* To promote and initiate strategies for increasing racial and ethnic understanding.

Racial Harmony is dedicated to making a difference through mediation, teaching, training, cooperative learning, and youth development. To facilitate this, Racial Harmony offers the following services:
* Harmony Dinners
* Conflict Resolution and Mediation
* Youth-to-Youth Program
* Youth Development Activities (Annual Gathering)
* Speakers Bureau
* Bibliography of Multicultural Resources
* Racial Harmony Partnerships:
* Area Schools, Churches & Neighborhood Associations
* Belleville Achieves Strength in Character (BASIC)
* Belleville Human Relations Commission
* Belleville Chamber of Commerce
* Belleville Township High School District 201