Caring for Kids

Caring for Kids immediately provides essential resources to meet the urgent needs of abused, neglected or at-risk children in St. Louis County.
...because kids' urgent needs can't wait!!!

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Address: 8000 Bonhomme Ave, suite 214
Clayton, MO 63105
Phone Number: 314-726-5437
Caring for Kids provides beds and cribs for children who have never slept in beds by themselves before. We remove children from moms' beds, taking them away from the possible dangers of suffocation, sexual, drug and alcohol abuse. If a child is in foster care, the home can be licensed, giving the child and family the stability that every kiddo craves. We will give our kids school uniforms and clothing to hopefully help prevent bullying and keep them in school, and we will provide food for our kids so there will be snacks when they get home from school and healthy dinners in the evenings. We send special needs kids to special needs camps, and we provide funds for after school activities for kids who have never participated in sports. If a child needs remedial help, we'll do that as well, and if a kiddo wants to go to a special program with his class--like Six Flags--we'll even help with that. We'll purchase prom dresses and rent tuxes for graduating seniors so these deserving young men and women can attend prom with their classmates, and we'll buy bus passes so young moms and dads can get to court-ordered appointments and to their jobs. The list goes on and on, and we try to fill every request we receive. As long as the request fits our mission--and as long as we have the funds!!!--we will fill the request, hopefully within 5 working days so that our kids don't have to wait. PLEASE HELP US HELP OUR KIDS!!!
"For many years, Caring for Kids has served as an exemplary agency dedicated to the needs of our foster children and youth impacted by the juvenile justice system. (The Director has) demonstrated a true dedication supporting not only Children's Division but also the greater St. Louis community with their services. ...they have come to our rescue time after time to meet the needs of at-risk or disadvantaged children. These families may require cribs, beds, bedding, clothing, school uniforms, and a host of other needs. Most importantly,
(The Director) always responds in a timely manner to meet the demands of our families without any hesitation. Children's Division has counted on the invaluable assistance of Caring for Kids and is truly grateful for the partnership when other resources cannot be sought in an already strained system for at-risk children."
Children's Service Worker III
Youth with Elevated Needs Program
St. Louis County Children's Division