Burundi Miracle Project

St. Louis resident Georgette has made it her life's work to assist malnourished and orphaned children in her native country of Burundi, Africa. Her newest venture, opening a medical clinic in mid 2018, will serve children who do not have access to medical care. Georgette needs your help raising $3,000 so that she can purchase medical equipment and clean (untainted) medicines for the orphans in a rural area of Burundi.

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Address: 695 Hawbrook Ave.
St. Louis, MO 63122
Email: brookiemoore08@gmail.com
Phone Number: 314-504-0335
The nonprofit organization Burundi Miracle Project exists to spiritually, materially, and financially support the work of Georgette through La Providence, a nonprofit organization that functions under the laws of Burundi, a small African country bordering on the south of Rwanda. Burundi Miracle Project encourages and empowers Georgette and La Providence in Burundi to explore other ways to serve the malnourished, displaced children of Burundi through the establishment of a health clinic, a food program that serves over 400 children, and orphanage, scholarships, and outreach program to children of mothers in prison. Georgette does her work pro-bono yet, with support of dedicated individuals, charities, and churches, she has managed to establish an orphanage, a scholarship program, and a one-meal a day program.