A Red Circle

The name encompasses the connectedness of the essential components that are necessary for community betterment, and all blood is red. A circle represents safety and unity. Our mission statement is the holistic betterment of our community; reversing the effects of racism one person and a cause at a time. Our vision is to restore North County to a safe, vibrant, sustainable, and economically sound community that remains diverse, and in doing so, help heal the racial strife.

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Address: 9950 Glen Owen Drive
St Louis, MO 63136
Email: erica.williams@aredcircle.org
Phone Number: 314-522-2021
Fax: 314-522-4923
A Red Circle is a community based, dynamic organization located in and servicing the Promise Zone within North St. Louis County (North County). Following the events in Ferguson in 2014, Executive Director Erica Williams researched numerous publications including "For the Sake of All" by Washington University, "Mapping Decline" by Colin Gordon, and "The Color of Law" by Richard Rothstein to better understand the depth of racial disparity and economic segregation of the North County communities. Her research resulted in the founding of A Red Circle in March, 2017 to promote economic development, racial equity and healing in North County. A Red Circle's Board of Directors is diverse and its team of volunteers come from all walks of life. A Red Circle is committed to bringing everyone to the table, so long as individuals are open to honest dialogue concerning racial justice, equity, equality, and healing. A Red Circle is also a proud member of North County, Inc. and a GuideStar Platinum Participant.

A Red Circle's focus areas are Employment, Education, Holistic living, Policy, and the Arts and we have created three projects, two special events, and eight programs that encompass one or more of these focus areas. Projects: Regional Economic Development, Equitable School Funding Collaborative, and Healthy Food Access. Events: Vote, Rule, or Run and Connections - Healing Tables: A World Café on Racism. Programs: Career Creation, Healthy Flavor Bistro & Garden, Back to School Savings Account Setup, Transitioning Well (with St. Vincent Home for Children), Entrepreneurship Training, Education Advocacy Coalition, Parent Cafes, and Enrichment Seminars.

We have great plans for 2018 and would love for you to support us lift-up North County residents and the community!
A Red Circle's first program, Transitioning Well, was first conducted last summer at St. Vincent Home for Children. It involved foster children aged 16-20 and covered several topics that young adults need to know prior to transitioning out of state-sponsored care. The children (and staff) were appreciative of the information we provided and stated that it helped ease their fear once the children aged out of the system. This program also began a positive on-going collaboration between St. Vincent Home for Children and A Red Circle.

Our Education Advocacy Coalition has assisted in keeping six young students (so far) from being suspended or sent to detention. We have also located tutors and mentors for children when other, larger organizations could not.

Several guests of Healthy Flavor Bistro & Garden have remarked on how they did not realize so many everyday foods can be nutritious and still taste good. Thanks to the bistro, we have helped children and their families increase their intake of fresh fruits and vegetables. Also, we conduct the Enrichment Seminars at Healthy Flavor once a month so participants not only enjoy good food but learn about how food and wellness go hand-in-hand.