Affinia Healthcare

Mission: To provide high quality health care and exceptional service, while promoting healthy lifestyles

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Address: 1717 Biddle Street
St. Louis, MO 62002
Phone Number: 314-658-4870
Throughout its 112 year history, Affinia Healthcare has sought to fill the unmet healthcare needs of those who live in St. Louis and surrounding areas, provide exceptional care and alleviate healthcare disparities. We are a community health center that through an integrated health and support services model provides comprehensive primary and preventive care in: pediatrics, adult medicine, obstetrics and gynecology, dental, behavioral health for children, teens and adults, optometry, pharmacy, lab, x-ray, WIC (Women, Infants, and Children Food and Nutrition Services) and other support services. In 2017, Affinia Healthcare provided 218,352 clinical care visits, including: 88,357 medical care services, 46,424 substance abuse services, 46,960 dental services, and 12,641 mental health specialist services. Services are provided across 10 health center locations as well as mobile health services for children and teens. In 2017 Affinia Healthcare served approximately 43,367 patients annually of whom 99% had income at or below 200% of the poverty level.

In accordance with our values, our patients, communities and staff can count on us to be dependable, compassionate, dynamic, and ethical in all aspects of our service.

Generous donations received through GIVE STL support Affinia Healthcare in serving those most vulnerable in our community through primary medical, dental and behavioral health care. Here is how donations have helped!

At each donor level, support has been provided for one of the following:

• Reading of one screening mammogram for an uninsured woman
• One podiatry visit for an uninsured patient
• PSA testing to screen for prostate cancer in 10 men

• One medical visit for an uninsured child
• One diagnostic mental health visit for a child
• Language interpretation for two dental visits
• Asthma medication for an uninsured child for one month
• Three pairs of eyeglasses for uninsured children

• One month of Insulin and supplies for a diabetic patient
• Hepatitis B series of vaccines for three patients
• Preventive dental visit and dental sealants for an uninsured child

• Dental visits for a year for a patient
• Acute substance abuse treatment for a month for an opioid abuser
• Prenatal visit with lab testing and ultrasound for one uninsured pregnant woman

• Provide comprehensive medical and dental care for one adult patient for a year
• Provide medical visits without vaccines for one newborn for the first
• Provide behavioral health visits for six months to a child diagnosed and being treated for Attention Deficit Disorder with Hyperactivity

"Hands down, Affinia Healthcare is my community health center of choice! I have been a patient of Grace Hill, now Affinia Healthcare, for a long time. I know that when I walk through those doors, I am going to get the high-quality care that I need! I can choose to go anywhere for care, but my choice will always be Affinia Healthcare," said Melva Claxton, Affinia Healthcare Patient.

"I bring my 4-month old daughter to Affinia Healthcare, because I know the quality of care is good," says Andrew Scott. "I am actually a patient here, and now, so is my daughter. I am not taking my little girl to just any pediatrician that is available, but to one I can trust ... so, that is Dr. Antoun, here at Affinia Healthcare."

"Today was our first time visiting Affinia Healthcare. I can honestly say that we received top-notch care. Our doctor was great," says Kirk B. and Susan F. "We are temporarily homeless and lately have encountered a lot of financial snags, so it is refreshing to come here and experience a smooth visit."