Affinia Healthcare

Mission: To provide high quality health care and exceptional service, while promoting healthy lifestyles

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Address:1717 Biddle Street
St. Louis, MO 62002
Phone Number:314-658-4870
Affinia Healthcare is the patient-centered health home of choice in St. Louis, and is recognized locally and nationally as a dynamic and transformative leader among community health systems.

The total number of patients we served in 2016 is 43,001.
88% of our patients have an income below 100% of federal poverty guidelines.
42% of our patients receive Medicaid.
42% of our patients do not have health insurance.
8% of our patients are homeless.
"Hands down, Affinia Healthcare is my community health center of choice! I have been a patient of Grace Hill, now Affinia Healthcare, for a long time. I know that when I walk through those doors, I am going to get the high-quality care that I need! I can choose to go anywhere for care, but my choice will always be Affinia Healthcare," said Melva Claxton, Affinia Healthcare Patient.

"I bring my 4-month old daughter to Affinia Healthcare, because I know the quality of care is good," says Andrew Scott. "I am actually a patient here, and now, so is my daughter. I am not taking my little girl to just any pediatrician that is available, but to one I can trust ... so, that is Dr. Antoun, here at Affinia Healthcare."

"Today was our first time visiting Affinia Healthcare. I can honestly say that we received top-notch care. Our doctor was great," says Kirk B. and Susan F. "We are temporarily homeless and lately have encountered a lot of financial snags, so it is refreshing to come here and experience a smooth visit."