A Call to Conscience, Inc.

"Our mission is to stir the conscience of our community and facilitate social change." We strive to serve as a catalyst for activism within our community. Founded in 2012 by three women participants of the Regional Arts Commission's Community Arts in Training Program, C2C presents challenging original works that engages audiences in thought-provoking conversations and an exchange of ideas regarding racism, police brutality, poverty, gender inequality, and other civil and human rights.

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Address: P.O. Box 78156
St. Louis, MO 63102
Email: c2c4socialchange@gmail.com
Phone Number: 314-607-8919
C2C strives to create original work that challenges the audiences to confront and deal with the social injustices that are prevalent today. The productions promote unity and create an accepting environment for debate, self-expression and interactivity not only for the cast but the viewing community. The programming sparks provocative thought inspiring the audience to become involved with advocacy groups that relate to our presentation. Various groups related to the focus of the play are invited to provide informational resources about their organizations to assist those individuals expressing an interest in becoming involved in a grassroots' advocacy organization. All C2c Production have an interactive talk-back after each performance with representatives from various cultural institutions. The representative will initiate a dialogue whereby audience members will be invited to discuss the issues raised and the role of the institutions to address the root cause of issues.
A Call to Conscience celebrates six years inspiring the community with their performances that have provoked audiences to engage in conversations of activism to address the
struggles of the marginalized and the oppressed. Their productions of 'Unsung Voices of Black St. Louis", "Justice Too Long Delayed", and, most recently, "The TD McNeal Story: From Servitude to Civil Rights" here at the Missouri History Museum were all well received and important additions to our programming as we strive to tell the rich, diverse, and complex history of St. Louis from multiple perspectives. The productions all link our shared history to today's concerns about race and equity in our community and in our country.-Elizabeth Pickard, Director, Interpretive Programs, Missouri History Museum.

"The TD McNeal Story: From Servitude to Civil Rights" can be likened to an advanced class in American History. The detail of events and monologue inclusions of many historical figures all worked together to educate the audience about the difficult realities of social change. Conclusively, this is an important and necessary piece of art! My congratulations to the staff at A Call to Conscience. They continue to ensure that the Black people's voice, past and present, is never rendered void in the city of St. Louis." --Julius B. Anthony, President, St. Louis Black Authors of Children's Literature.