The Peaceful Project

Created by Your Infinite Life Training & Coaching Company in 2004, The Peaceful Project has the mission of reaching the under-served population, guiding them to discover, honor, and live from their magnificent self. The Peaceful Project programs assist young people in identifying their core values and connecting to a vision of the future that they truly desire. Our courses give young people an experience of the often unexpected POWER of peace in their lives.

Address:P.O.Box 1655
Manchester, MO 63011
Phone Number:954-483-8021
The Peaceful Project has worked with young people in the Juvenile Justice System, members of the LGTBQ community, and students from elementary through high school. The Peaceful Project hosts the personal development weekends The Remembrance Course: A Journey to Magnificence and Freedom to Be: An Embracing Life Experience as well as Community in Unity, our program for elementary school students. In Community in Unity, we guide children to discover, honor, and express their caring, leadership, and brilliance - their magnificence. We love kids and we love showing them ways to discover how great they are! Kids are powerful and we help them use their power in a kind way. Our goal is to go to every school in St. Louis city and county so that we reach at least every 4th grader.
"It was an honor to work with the Peaceful Project's Community in Unity Program. As a classroom teacher, I enjoyed the opportunity to interact with students in this way and I definitely see the need for this in schools. This program is appropriately designed for the fourth and fifth grade levels and the students were thoroughly engaged the entire time. The process of helping each student realize his/her own strengths and weaknesses is very important and meaningful work and this is an extremely valuable resource for these children. Academics are obviously an integral part of schooling, but taking the time as a class to focus on looking inside ourselves to find our own strengths, as well as our shortcomings, is extremely valuable for each child to find a way to use his/her talents to make the classroom, and in turn the world, a better place." Anne P., Teachers

"Being a part of The Peaceful Project was such a special experience for me. As a former classroom teacher of 3rd, 4th and 5th graders I saw how the lessons learned through the program can be directly and immediately transferred to the everyday classroom. Students can keep their special "I am" cards as a constant reminder of who they are and the way they want to been seen by others. Through their active participation, teachers gain valuable tools for classroom management and conflict resolution. Giving them another tool for making their classroom a true community of learners. This program would be very beneficial if spread through all grade levels and used as a school wide learning and growth opportunity. I am so thankful I was able to be a part of a program that impacts schools in such a positive way!" Anne W., Former Teacher

"One of our students told his grandmother that he was able to deal with the death of a friend in the family due to the skills he learned with your team last week. That was an awesome follow-up comment." Gigi McIntyre, Guidance Counselor, Mirror Lake Elementary

"As a result of Community in Unity, our 4th graders are excited about becoming the leaders of Bennett Elementary next year. Maggie and her team taught the students how to trust and be trusted, how to listen instead of judge and the similarities between them. The teachers loved the trust quote they read to each other and suggest I use it with the rest of the students at Bennett. Maggie has also offered to keep in touch with us to keep the program going! We are so lucky Community in Unity came to our school and are looking forward to seeing them again next year!" Amy Rubin, Guidance Counselor, Bennett Elementary

Another teacher at Bennett reported that one of her students had come to class with a shaved head. The student's mother had done this because her daughter didn't wash her hair. Everyone in the class welcomed her warmly. One student who came in late mocked her. Two students stood between the girl and the boy who was mocking her. The two students literally quoted the trust agreement that we had done in the workshop, holding the boy accountable for his agreement to respect his fellow classmates, reminding him that mocking her was not respectful. The teacher was thrilled with their leadership and that they handled the classroom conflict without her intervention.

Amy Rubin, Guidance Counselor at Bennett, said that she has noticed a difference between the classrooms that attended the workshop and those that didn't. The classrooms that participated in Community in Unity "feel more like family" and are more "warm" and "communal."