Teen Pregnancy & Prevention Partnership

The Teen Pregnancy & Prevention Partnership promotes adolescent sexual health and teen pregnancy prevention by uniting Missouri through advocacy, collaboration, training, and public awareness.

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Address: P.O. Box 179323
Saint Louis, MO 63117
Email: info@teenpregnancy-mo.org
Phone Number: 314-884-8275
TPPP believes that educating and engaging parents and providers who work directly with young people ensures Missouri teens receive medically accurate information to make informed and healthy decisions about their health and sexuality. We focus our work in the areas of advocacy, awareness, collaboration and training. When our organization formed in 1997, teens in Missouri faced higher rates of teen pregnancy and there were nearly twice as many teen births as there are today. In fact, the Missouri teen birth rate is down 64% from its peak in 1991 (https://powertodecide.org/what-we-do/information/national-state-data/missouri).

Our accomplishments include:
- An annual conference on a variety of adolescent sexual health topics for over 120 youth serving adults
- Providing Sexual Health 101 & 202 workshops to professionals across Missouri
- Holding Professional Development & Networking meetings in St. Louis every other month which serve over 100 people each year
- Collaborating with 50+ Organizational and Individual Members to support teen pregnancy prevention and adolescent health throughout the state
- Working with partners serving youth in the St. Louis region to launch teenhealthstl.org in 2017 - a resource directory of youth-friendly providers

In 2013, TPPP launched MASHE (Medically Accurate Sexual Health Education) for Missouri in collaboration with Faith Aloud and the Community. Comprehensive, medical accurate sexual health education has been shown to delay initiation of sex and reduce risky sexual behavior. TPPP supports students, parents, educators, school administrators and community members as they work together to provide more comprehensive sex education in schools. TPPP has also created a series of trainings on the National Sexuality Education Standards (NSES). Every NSES training includes background information and learning activities to use with K-12 students. In June 2017, TPPP offered NSES trainings by grade level (Elementary, Middle and High School) to increase the capacity of Missouri schools to implement MASHE. Additional NSES trainings will be offered on a regular basis.

We have also testified on bills to modify the state statute that governs sexual health education and legislation that impacts access to reproductive care and preventive services for teens. By joining together to advocate for MASHE and teen pregnancy prevention, we are significantly impacting the health of Missouri teens. Your gift today will provide information and support for new generations of young people!