Sister Thea Bowman Catholic School

Sister Thea Bowman Catholic School, a ministry of the Diocese of Belleville, is committed to deepening faith in Jesus Christ, and to providing a holistic learning approach to faith development and education within a Catholic framework. Our mission is to inspire, prepare, and empower kindergarten through grade 8 students in East St. Louis, IL and surrounding communities, to become the next generation of wholesome, responsible, and dedicated leaders of their communities.

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Address: 8213 Church Lane
East St. Louis, IL 62203
Phone Number: 314-913-7623
Fax: 618-397-0336
Sister Thea Bowman Catholic School is the last remaining Catholic school in East St. Louis, IL. We are eliminating poverty through education.
Our school provides a holistic learning approach, in addition to language arts, math, science, religion, Spanish and social studies, we are an Education Through Music and the Arts School. All students K-8 play violin, participate in liturgical praise dance, choir and the visual arts.
100% of our alumni graduate from high school.
Our students attend Althoff Catholic High, Gibault High in Illinois and Nerinx Hall, Rosati-Kain and Saint Louis University High School in St. Louis, as well as other area high schools in East St. Louis.
Over 90% enroll in college, university, trade or military.
Over 95% of our students qualify for free/reduced lunch and Title 1 academic services.
Sister Thea Bowman Catholic School has helped my grandson with the skills needed to be successful in life. When he joined the school in 2nd grade he was shy. He is in 6th grade now and is a well rounded young boy, a member of the National Junior Honor Society, violin special group, a peacemaker every month and provides leadership and help to his classmates.

My child's faith has increased. He recites scripture that he learned here at school. He sometimes gives examples of how God loves us. From an academics view my son has also improved. He reads and spells more than I knew he could. He is always eager to share what he has learned. His service to himself and others has made me evaluate my service. He is always asking to help because he says it is what we should do. Thank you STBCS!