Celebrate GRC's 35th Anniversary!

Gifted Resource Council

Give to Gifted Resource Council to help Celebrate 35 Years of Enrichment Programs for Children in the St. Louis Area!

Gifted Resource Council was founded as a non-profit organization in 1983 by three women concerned about the lack of enrichment programming for their own and other children in the St. Louis area. From its beginning, GRC's mission was to bring together the resources of the community, the schools and parents to help bright and talented children achieve their potential. Over the years, GRC grew into an organization that serves the St. Louis community with three major programs: Academic Challenge Cup (friendly competitions in the areas of math, language skills and creative problem solving), Saturday Learning Labs and Summer Academies. In addition to programs, GRC offers parenting classes, workshops for teachers, and telephone advice to assist adults in meeting the needs of gifted children.

Gifted Resource Council's goal is to provide support for children and their families to enable young people to enhance their abilities - both academic and interpersonal - and fulfill their potential. Currently, GRC serves 2,500 children each year and has served over 49,000 since its founding in 1983!
All Gifted Resource Council programs encourage teamwork, task organization, flexibility and analytical thinking, as well as participatory decision-making. In addition to the intellectual stimulation of a challenging curriculum, students improve their social skills by working cooperatively with others. In addition to providing academic enrichment and experiences interacting cooperatively with other gifted youngsters, GRC teaches students HOW to think rather than WHAT to think.

Tuition, which is deliberately kept modest so that students from all economic backgrounds can participate, covers only part of the costs GRC incurs. Support from civic-minded donors like you who understand the value of reaching gifted students must account for the rest. Won't you please consider donating to Gifted Resource Council so that even more children may benefit from 35 years of experience in providing support for the enthusiastic learners and future leaders from throughout the St. Louis area?

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Goal: $2,000.00
Raised: $10.00