Child Care Aware of Missouri

To raise the quality of early child care educational experiences in Missouri by improving child care services - through training, education, quality standards, coaching, and business support.

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Address: 1000 Executive Parkway Drive Suite 103
St Louis, MO 63141
Phone Number: 314-535-1458 ext. 605
Fax: 314-754-0330
We believe every child deserves a safe, quality, childhood education experience which is critical to maximize their future well-being.

Child Care Aware of Missouri is certified as an Accredited Charity through the Better Business Bureau and maintains a Platinum Level status on Candid (GuideStar).
Statewide Child Care Referral Services customer:
Did you know there is a free service to help find child care in Missouri? You can call or go online with your specific child care needs and get a list of child care programs that meet the criteria. Child Care Aware of Missouri has a statewide database. And it's all free. I was six months pregnant when I started looking for child care. I had no idea how hard it would be to find safe, quality infant care. I looked everywhere and could not find anything. By the time I called Child Care Aware of Missouri, I was in tears. I had to go back to work after my 8 weeks maternity leave and I had nowhere for my baby to go. The resource specialist at Child Care Aware of Missouri gave me a list of child care programs, she told me what to ask about the program and what to look for to see that it was a quality place. I called back several times with questions and to get more child care program lists. She was always so reassuring. I always felt calmer after talking to her. And she was right. It took me more than 2 months, but I found a program for my baby. I don't know how I would have done this alone.
Child Care Aware of Missouri's program and the resource specialist made my panic go away and gave me the tools I needed to find a safe, quality child care for my child. I can't thank them enough.

Show Me Child Care Resources customer:
I am a Director at a child care center in North St. Louis County with 66 children enrolled. When I was introduced to Show Me Child Care Resources, I was skeptical about what resources I might use and the benefits I would see. My center purchased a 6 month subscription. The owner thought it might save us time and money so I gave it a try. I was amazed at the savings just ordering diapers, toilet paper and cart supplies. We saved over $400 on our first order. Do you know what we can do with an extra $400? The staff started using the website for lesson and menu ideas while I rewrote our family handbook with the great templates on the site. After 6 months, we had saved over $800. What did we do with the savings? All staff received a $100 bonus check! We haven't been able to do that since we opened. Show Me Child Care Resources is wonderful!

T.E.A.C.H. MISSOURI Scholarship recipient:
I have always wanted to be a teacher. All my life I knew I wanted to work with children. It's been my dream. But my family never supported me in this. They would say, "They are just children. That's not a career. Be something else." I can't tell you how much that hurt. I knew I needed an education to be the best teacher I could be. I couldn't do it alone on $8.50 an hour. Then I heard about the T.E.A.C.H. MISSOURI Scholarship. It is a business contract between T.E.A.C.H. MISSOURI, my center and me. They would help me with tuition and books and give me a Scholarship Counselor to talk to for support. I could actually get an education without help from my family and be virtually debt free at the end. It's taken me several years and a lot of work but I have made it. I started out with no education and a desire to teach young children. No support, no hope. I am proud to have my Associate degree in early childhood education now. Who knows, I might even get my Bachelor's degree next. By getting my education, I am a better teacher for the children in my classroom, an example to my peers, a role model for my own children, and a success story for my profession. Thank you T.E.AC.H. MISSOURI for believing in my potential even when no one else did.