The BackStoppers, Inc.

Helping the families of those who made the ultimate sacrifice for our safety.

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Address: 10411 Clayton Rd Ste 203
Saint Louis, MO 63129
Phone Number: 314-692-0200
Started in 1959, The BackStoppers provides needed financial assistance and support to the spouses and dependent children of all police officers, firefighters and volunteer firefighters, and publicly-funded paramedics and EMTs in our coverage area who have lost their lives or suffered a catastrophic injury performing their duty.
The BackStoppers currently assists approximately 80 families with roughly 65 dependent children and has supported 160 families since 1959.

Eliminates the family's debt
Assists with tuition and educational costs from day care through university
Covers the cost of health and dental insurance
Reimburses for out-of-pocket medical expenses
Assists with miscellaneous extraordinary expenses
Provides financial counseling
"Because of BackStoppers, we had as few interruptions in life as we could. It's devastating to lose him, but you're not losing your home, too, or worrying about where the next meal is coming from."

"The whole time we were married, my husband would say, 'I want to take care of you and the kids.' And in a way, he's still taking care of us…through BackStoppers."

"They helped from day one. They said they would be there and they have been."

"The financial is such a blessing, but even more than that BackStoppers is also incredibly supportive in many other ways. Always making us feel special, they sincerely care about every spouse, child, parent and sibling."