Brain Injury Association of Missouri

The Brain Injury Association of Missouri works to reduce the incidence of brain injury; to promote acceptance, independence, and productivity of persons with brain injury; and to support their families. A community-based organization serving persons with brain injury, their families, caregivers, physicians, therapists, case managers and others throughout Missouri, BIA-MO engages through support groups, volunteers, and service providers.

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Address: 2265 Schuetz Road
St. Louis , MO 63146
Phone Number: 314-426-4024
Fax: 314-426-3290
BIA-MO services and programs are carried out by hundreds of volunteers, who facilitate support groups, engage as speakers and advocates, serve as members of the board of directors, help coordinate recreational opportunities, raise money and support office administrative work. BIA-MO is a membership organization, generating contributions through Points of Light gifts, foundation grants, corporate sponsorships, annual donations, and special events. A recent audit shows that 90 cents of every dollar donated to BIA-MO goes directly to education, recreation, advocacy and support services that provide help, hope and healing.

Thanks to support from these volunteers and from generous donors, persons with brain injuries and their families can participate in a host of educational, recreational and advocacy programs provided through BIA-MO, including:

Facilitated support groups held all over Missouri that bring together families and persons with brain injury.

The Donald Danforth Jr. Wilderness Camp, where survivors enjoy a week of fun, relaxation and independence, while family members and caregivers receive a week of respite.

Educational opportunities for professionals and persons with brain injuries and their families. The annual Statewide Conference is the only conference in Missouri dedicated to current trends in innovative therapeutic strategies, cutting-edge and best practices treatment options, and research specifically relating to brain injury. Survivor and Family Regional Seminars held across the state provide helpful information, practical suggestions and support for life with brain injury.

Referral assistance that helps connect persons with brain injuries and their families to community resources and programs, including specialized services.

Educational scholarships for survivors of brain injury who are residents of Missouri to pursue post-secondary education.

Recognition of volunteers and supporters through an annual awards program that highlights those making a difference in the brain injury community.

My name is Mike Bigogno, a person who lives and dies for sports, and yes I am a walking miracle. I've been through many injuries during my life that kept getting worse and worse. I have experienced broke wrists, a broken thumb, lower back stress fracture, and 3 dislocated shoulders with partial tears in my labrum and rotator cuff. No matter what the injuries were, I just had one questions…. when can I play again? People were stunned and kept wondering how and why I kept playing and the answer is simple…for the love of the game. On May 19th, 2012, I suffered a Traumatic Brain Injury that gave me a 10% chance of survival. My life was in God's hands, and there is not a day that I don't think him for his grace. It was a demanding and tough road to get back to where I am today, which included months of physical/mental therapy and battling minor/major seizures, but I am still here for a reason. Yea I medically had my senior college year of baseball taken from me because of medical issues, however; I have mended those losses and have moved onto my new sport, which is Ironman Triathlons. I completed my first full Ironman Triathlon in July 2017 at Lake Placid in New York. I am still here for a reason, and that reason is to be an inspiration for others and raise money for charities. Please remember, "It doesn't matter how hard you hit, it matters how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward, period".