Affton Christian Food Pantry

The Affton Christian Food Pantry is an ecumenical nonprofit which serves as a continuous and reliable source of food and assistance for all persons in need in the Affton area.

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Address:4960 Heege Rd
Affton, MO 63123
Phone Number:314-750-5899
In existence in Affton since 2005, we are a "choice" food pantry, which provides 10 days worth of groceries for all families with a demonstrated need, once every 2 weeks. We are a ministerial alliance of 15 Affton-area churches, which work together to provide governance, food, volunteers, and financial support. In 2016, we provided groceries for more than 8,500 individuals in need. Among those we served, 19% were senior citizens and 36% were children under age 18.

Our "Brown Bag" program fills in the gap when school is out for the summer by providing breakfasts, lunches and snacks for all school-aged children in our program. Last year, we provided more than 9,000 breakfasts, lunches and snacks for kids in need, in addition to the food we continued to provide for their families.
"It was hard at first to admit that groceries didn't fit into our monthly budget and that we weren't at all certain where the money would come from to fill our pantry and have food for the table. On my first visit, I was feeling so many emotions, and they were quickly put to ease when the ladies were so welcoming, so kind, so generous. I felt like family." -D.

"We were blessed to have the pantry's assistance when we needed it, and pray that it will be open to all those desperate for their unbiased support." - J.

"The Affton Christian Food Pantry was a Godsend for us. We survived and were able to feed our kids because of that food pantry. It was literally thousands of dollars worth of food that I am forever grateful for. It was a very humbling experience for our family, and it completely changed our worldviews." - J.A.